Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hockey Moms - A Special Breed

Hockey Mothers are a very special breed of women! I just read an interesting article quoting Sarah Palin using the term Hockey Mom as a slogan for her campaign.

It apparently signifies a different level of Strength and Endurance Commitment and Dedication!  and a special set of behaviors!

From arriving at the  arena in large trucks or vans no matter what the weather - freezing rain, snow, wet and slippery roads) they brave it all to get their kids to the good old hockey arena!

Hockey Mothers have been known to cause some quite a stir for the opposition in the form of shouts and screams and they are never far away from their noisemakers.  Its like there wild side comes out at the good old hockey arena!

They are completely adaptable!  They endure hard seating in cold arenas and never complain, they have heightened senses during the games, they remember every play, see every infraction, have a photographic memory, and she is even willing to wear team colors in order to fit in.  They are some times known as the fur-booted Madonna of the Hockey Arena.! Cute but watch out if she is upset!  She is like a Cheetah when her kid is injured or appears injured!  She will fly over the plexi-glass at record speed and pity anyone who tried to stop her.  

Then after it is all over, the ride home is either a celebration of victory or a funeral like atmosphere because of a loss.  Its hard for a hockey mom to keep her emotions in tack!  She is even bigger than her mate when it comes to a presence at the rink!

I remember my sons' coaches remarking on how they wished my sons had my aggression! I laugh now as I realize I was a strong presence and a strong influence.  Remember Mom, they are watching!

Be an inspiration with your thoughts, emotions and actions rather than an embarrassment! They will thank you later!

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