Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warning: Generation Y Mothers Only

Welcome Mother's - this article is about the new generation "Y" child.  This is a child born between 1977-1998.  There are more generation 'Y' kids then there are baby boomers. This the most child centric time in history. There will be a new model of society as a result of this new child centric time and the technology that drives it.  This time is being called a "Cambrian Explosion" where there is more change in regards to our society values and ways of living than ever before in history.  The old style hockey won't work for the new kid on the block.  Just like the old style of making a living isn't going to work. 

This generation is unique in that it is based on a technology era never before seen or experienced in history. Technology drives their existence.  Computers, smart phones, i-phones, i-pads, games, social media all influences their every day lives.  As a result of this technology era they have specific clearly unique tendencies.  They are communicating on line as never before... texting, Facebooking, Twittering, blogging, all ways of expressing themselves with out have to actually make a connection.   They have become somewhat disconnected and there can be a sense of or illusion of a different world then the one that actually exists for them when they step out.  There has been a huge void in the development process around communication due to the technology they are used to using.  They are so brave and so confident on line and yet when you meet them in person they are often unable to communicate, to speak confidently, to express themselves.  

The hockey arena has been changing as we all see and understand however there is going to be a 'Cambrian Explosion' there as well. You will see more technology than ever before being used to help coach and to help develop the young hockey players.  There will be more use of video taping, more new and innovative ways of teaching the new generation of hockey players.  There will be a new hockey society as a result.

Statistics are shocking - 28 million kids quit organized sports every year due to the old style not keeping up with the new kid.  They have expectations and if the system doesn't keep up the system will lose them.  They will move on if the environment is not positive, reinforcing, technology based, and moving forward at the speed that they are.  If they are not treated in a positive way they will check out emotionally and shut down.  If parents, coaches and their organizations don't  keep up, they will lose the new kids on the block.

So Mom, how do you keep an open line of communication with our young athlete when he has more distractions than ever before?  Join our The Conscious Hockey Mothers program and learn how to keep the line open and positive!


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