Sunday, 2 September 2012

Great Advice from Austin Smith

I have been traveling around watching many of the tryouts that are going on. I have seen much pain and disappointment with the players and parents. I see young players who are much better than they are showing dealing with anxiety and stress at very unhealthy levels. One of the young men that I have worked with for a couple of years recently had some big decisions to make. I asked him to share his experience. For any of you out there YOU MUST READ THIS (and remember this is from a 19 year old who has figured out something that will help him the rest of his life).
Thanks Austin for sharing!

It's been a long off season and I hope everyone's excited for the new season that's underway. Many of you will be going to try out for new teams to further your hockey career. That's a whole new experience for every one of you. My realization of "Fear" was what changed my career around. I did not know it at first. With some discussion and insight from Bob, I was able to determine that fear was what was holding me back. Uncertainty caused fear which caused more uncertainty. Until I took a hold of that fear, and locked it out I was not able to control my future. I played many scenarios out in my head. What to do. What to say. What if. It was all caused by fear. I've recently had conversations (asking for a trade) that most people are scared to have. Why be scared and have fear? What's there to fear? You control your thoughts and actions, no one else does (even though it seems like that sometimes). There's no need to have fear of the unknown. Take charge and live. Don't live a life of fear and regret. There will be ups and downs in your career. No matter where you play, every day gives you a chance to go out and get better. My advice to you before your season gets going is go out everyday and work on getting better. Don't fear how your going to play, where your going to play - just give it your all! Don't let fear control you.

Austin Smith

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