Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Face Off Against Cancer Hockey Tournament

Face Off Against Cancer

I found myself a little nervous, the last time I was in a hockey tournament was the Memorial Cup back in 1989. I was excited to help such a great cause and knew this was going to be a good time.

Friday night was the opening ceremonies and I love being able to be a part of something special like this. There were so many people there and all had been touched by this awful disease. It is amazing to think of how many people are connected throughout the World by something so devastating. 

The games were not the pace I had feared (guess we are all slowing down in our old age). It was great to see old teammates and friends. The game has always done that, provided opportunities to connect with great people and have times in our lives we will always remember.

The most for me that had the greatest impact happened shortly after our second game. The referee came into our room, must of been in his early sixties, and thanked us all for being a part of the tournament. He shared that he too had battled cancer and was 6 years clean.

To all of my friends who donated to support me, I am grateful. The game can be unfair and hurtful at times, but it also can provide some life experiences that touch your soul and will become a part of who you are. Thanks to the Cancer society for all their hard work and my cousin Hubie for including me on Team Hunting (energy).

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