Sunday, 22 September 2013

Team Building with Wild Rose

At the end of the day, life is all about being a teammate.  Every day, in some way, chances are that you will interact in some way with another person.  Some teams have a stronger bond, such as family, partners, best friends, spouses, and so on.  We play for other teams to make money.  Some teams we are a part of for a lifetime, while others only a day, an hour, or even as short as a minute.  You see, I like to think of humanity as one giant team.  If you get the chance, take a moment and check out this Pep Talk from Kid President.  He states it best when he says, "If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team?"

Anyway, we spent the afternoon working with Wild Rose on some of the major aspects of being a good teammate - listening, communication, cooperation, trust, as well as a few others.  At times, the atmosphere was light-hearted, fun, while at other times it was more serious.  We had smaller teams 'compete' in 2 activities (Tarp Downsizing and Minefield) and discussed the purpose and point of each activity as well as its relevance to the workplace afterwards. 

If you are interested in some team building activities for you or your team, check out our website at or visit our corporate program, Game On, by clicking here.  Enjoy a few of the photos from the day. 

(Downsizing is about to begin)

(Teammates have a chance to get close and work on their creative brainstorming power as well as their communication)

(Piggyback anyone?)

(The tarps keep getting smaller and smaller)

(Things are starting to get a bit interesting)

(Each team had their own strategy)

(A few smiles were had by all)

(What better way to work on trust than by using blindfolds)

(Seem to be quite a bit of obstacles on the 'Minefield')

(Hopefully nobody 'blows up')

(After crossing the 'Minefield' participants still had to reach their partners)

(A great team building exercise when executed properly)

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